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Victim CompensationVictim Compensation is available in every state.

Many crimes are reported in the newspapers and on TV and though they state the facts going the extra mile by announcing helpful information for the victims is left out. Victim Compensation is available in every state and though money is set aside only for this purpose not enough people are aware of the help available to them. In Florida crime victims have 28 pages of rights yet you so often hear “the criminals have all the rights”. The difference is criminals have everyone from the SA to their attorney to other public entities telling them what their rights are and not enough people willing to let the victims know where to get help and to find out what their rights are!

I’d like to change that. Crimes covered are hit and run, domestic violence, D.U.I., assault, and more. Help is available for medical, dental, counseling, lost wages, out of pocket expenses, burial, and more.
The criteria is:
1. report to law enforcement within 24 hours of the incident
2. cooperate with law enforcement and prosecutors
3. have had no part in the crime
4. have never been convicted of a forcible felony
There is a special $500 fund for those 60 or older and/or disabled that allows these victims to recoup property damaged or stolen that would alter their day to day living. If you have been a crime victim within the past two years and have questions or if you might qualify for victim compensation you have several options:

1. contact your local sheriff’s office or police dept.
2. contact Florida’s Victim Compensation directly at
3. contact The Center for Victim Rights at
4. call 1-800-FYI-CALL (national center for victims of crime)
This is a FREE service and NATIONWIDE!