Up date on Hit & Run

New information… Donovan will face a Citrus County on Aug. 24th, 9 AM, in the Citrus County Court House.

Here’s an updated photo of Donovan that has been aged to see what he may look like today. As of 10/2015

This is how he may look todaydonovan-old This is how he looked in 2001donovan

If you have information about where this man is please contact the authorities at

SteveGaskins@flhsmv.org AliciaRgers@flhsmv.org 813-215-1867

This happened in 2001… and he is still at large…. WHY?

If you have information about where this man is please contact the authorities at

SteveGaskins@flhsmv.org AliciaRgers@flhsmv.org 813-215-1867

This happened in 2001… and he is still at large…. WHY?

Wanted: Patrick John Donovan
County: Citrus
Investigators: Corporal Leo Wells and Sergeant Leland

Patrick John Donovan was driving a red F-150 Ford Pickup truck on SR 55 in Citrus County Florida. He was driving the vehicle faster than other traffic and weaving from one lane to the other. This Ford Pickup Truck ran into the rear of a 1998 CMC Motorcycle that was blue in color. The driver of the motorcycle was killed on impact and the passenger was ejected losing her left leg and arm. The pickup fled the scene southbound on SR 55. Investigation led to the residence of Donovan and evidence was discovered showing that he had repaired the vehicle and destroyed evidence. He was arrested and charged with Vehicular Homicide, Leaving the scene of crash with injuries and death. This subject bonded out of jail and fled the area. Investigators have been searching for him since 2001. There are outstanding warrants through Citrus County, he is shown as a wanted person on FDLE’s Website and also Interpol.If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Patrick John Donovan please contact :
SteveGaskins@flhsmv.org AliciaRgers@flhsmv.org 813-215-1867

UP DATE to today:

From: Cynthia [mailto:cyn2719@yahoo.com]

Sent: Monday, December 08, 2014 8:48 AM
To: Grant, Buddy

Subject: Can you help us

Hi Buddy

Hope this finds you well.
Hope you don’t mind you being my go to guy but know your help is so appreciated.
I have been involved with a hit and run since 11-11-01 and can’t let it go.
Can you tell me if there are limits on the extradition for Patrick J. Donovan


What are the chances of CCSO cold case squad looking into this?
I’m in touch with Brian’s family and know this haunts them and Beverly every day.
Can you help?

The Chronicle did a front page yesterday morning. If you can’t open above link go to chronicleonline.com and read “Citrus Driver still sought”
Anxiously waiting your reply.
Have a great day

Cynthia Holden
Center for Victim Rights, Pres.
Proud Air Force Veteran, Vietnam Era.


From: “Grant, Buddy” <BGrant@sheriffcitrus.org>
Date: December 9, 2014 at 9:39:24 AM EST
To: Cynthia <cyn2719@yahoo.com>

Subject: RE: Can you help us


I looked into this a bit. Because it is an FHP case and we would not step into it without a request from FHP. However, the US Marshalls are involved and that is the same group we would turn to for help in this case. They have a fugitive task force that look for this type of person. I found a note in the file from 2013 where he was located in England and we are following up to determine why he was not extradited back then. When I get more info I will let you know. I will add that the Marshalls that work on these cases are very good.

Thank you, as always contact me with any other questions.



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