A new flag

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In late December Dale Fearney discovered his American and Wounded Warrior flags stolen.

“Hard it’s still a deep wound it’s hard for me to talk about,” said Fearney.

That Wounded Warrior flag means a lot to Fearney, his son Dale Daniel was a soldier in Afghanistan.
Fearney said, “He came back, but didn’t make it.”

Suffering from severe PTSD, Dale Daniel took his own life in 2014. So when the two flags were returned.
“I was overjoyed, I was blown away,” said Fearney.

You see it’s was because Dale’s wife posted the story of the stolen flags on their neighborhood Nextdoor social media site, where Air Force veteran and victim advocate Cynthia Holden read the story.

“I reached out to them and asked them if I could replace them for them,” said Holden.

Fearney said, “I just felt, you know, give it time and maybe someone will return them and it happened.”
A police officer brought one of the flags to Fearney.

“A lady came over and said this is your flag and gave it to me and said I have a teenage son and I said don’t say no more,” Fearney said.

Even though the flags were back where they belong, Holden still wanted to do something.

“This is a POW flag,” Holden said as she displayed the flag.

Today Holden delivered a special flag from her group Rolling Thunder.

“I wanted them to know that there are good people in Citrus County too and there are an awful lot of them,” said Holden.

“It means a lot it means that people do care. It made me feel good it made my wife feel good, too,” Fearney said.

Now, Fearney flies all three flags to honor his wounded warrior son Dale Daniel and to remember all of our country’s veterans.

“I’m happy again, Fearney said.American and Wounded Warrior

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