Victims of Violent Crime Can Apply for Victim Compensation

The Center for Victim Rights  Assists Innocent Victims of Violent Crime to apply for victims compensation and to be made aware of their rights as victims.

victims compensatiomA criminal does not care…….if you are young or old, what color you are, if you are rich or poor, who you voted for or if you voted at all, what religion you practice or if you practice one, EVERYONE is a potential crime victim.

There is a too little known program in every state, Victim Compensation, that is available to assist innocent crime victims with:

+ medical
+ dental
+ counseling
+ dental
+ lost wages
+ out of pocket expenses
+ burial ex
+ abuse
+ murder
+ more
The criteria to qualify:
+ report the crime within 24 hours
+ cooperate with law enforcement and the prosecutor
+ file a timely application (one year, two with cause)
+ be innocent of wrongdoing
+ have an expense or loss not covered by insurance or another public benefit program
+ never been charged with a forceable felony
There is also a special $500 vandalism and property loss/damage fund for those over 60 and/or disabled.
The application is available online at The Attorney General’s web site.
If you have questions contact Cynthia, The Center For Victim Rights, at 352-628-6481 or  Additions information can be found at our web site,
These are FREE services and NATIONWIDE!
Cynthia Holden
No one can do everything BUT everyone can do something

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